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en waiting more than ha
lf an hour for you. He'
s gone outside with Lis
e to see the sun set ov
er Paris, I think. But
they will soon be back.
" Then he relapsed into
silence, with his eyes
fixed on his work. Thi
s was a bare, erect, lo
fty female figure, of s
uch august majesty, so
simple were its lines,
that it suggested somet
hing gigantic. The figu
re's abundant, outsprea
d hair suggested rays a
round its face, which b
eamed with sovereign be
auty like the sun. And
its only gesture was on
e of offer and of greet
ing; its arms were thro
The Three Cities Trilogy: Paris, Volume 5 by Zola, Émile, 1840-1902