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t Jupiter, Venus, Satur
n, etc., are all pretty
certainly uninhabitabl
e,--being (Jupiter, Sat
urn, etc., to wit) stra
nge washy limbos of pla
ces, where at the best
only mollusks (or, in t
he case of Venus, salam
anders) could exist. He
nce we conclude we are
the only rational creat
ures, which is highly s
atisfactory, and, what
is more, quite Scriptur
al. Owen, on the other
hand, I believe, and ot
her scientific people,
declare it a most presu
mptuous essay,-- conclu
sions audacious, and re
asoning fallacious, tho
ugh the facts are allow
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 09, No. 54, April, 1862 by Various