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s unbearable feelings,
of grief and indignatio
n, in regard to all thi
s Dresden matter,--whic
h are not expressed exc
ept coldly in business
form,--can be fancied b
y all readers. One of t
he most tragical bits o
f ill-luck that ever be
fell him. A very sore s
troke, in his present c
ondition; a signal loss
and affront. And most
of all, unbearable to t
hink how narrowly it ha
s missed being a signal
triumph;--missed actua
lly by a single hair's-
breadth, which is as go
od as by a mile, or by
a thousand miles! Soon
after 9 o'clock that ev
History of Friedrich II of Prussia — Volume 19 by Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881