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he asked of himself as
he drew in his line. "T
hat is Mister Harvey's
voice sure, and he is c
alling as though he was
in a mighty hurry. Fai
th, and I must not ling
er! If anything _should
_ happen whin I was awa
y I'd feel wus'n old Bo
ney at Watherloo whin h
e lost the day an' his
crown." The line was so
on stowed away, and Ted
dy made his way at a ha
lf-walk and ran in a ho
meward direction. He ha
d gone about a hundred
rods when he paused and
listened. Clearer and
more distinctly came hi
s name in tones whose e
arnest entreaty could n
The Lost Trail by Ellis, Edward S. (Edward Sylvester), 1840-1916