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tal? Who rent the mysti
c veil in twain, And sh
owed thee the Elysian p
lain Beyond death's glo
omy portal? If love had
beckoned not from high
, Had we gained immorta
lity? If love had not i
nflamed each thought, H
ad we the master spirit
sought? 'Tis love that
guides the soul along
To Nature's Father's he
avenly throne By love a
re blest the gods on hi
gh, Frail man becomes a
deity When love to him
is given; 'Tis love th
at makes the heavens sh
ine With hues more radi
ant, more divine, And t
urns dull earth to heav
The Poems of Schiller — First period by Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von, 1759-1805