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n the _Times a propos_
of "BOB LOWE," that I a
m sure you will now all
ow me to produce and pu
blish what was rejected
by your Editor, long b
efore the decease of th
e above-mentioned emine
nt Statesman. I thought
it, and still think it
, uncommonly good; but
the then Editor said, "
No--it is unseemly to j
oke about the decease o
f a living celebrity."
Now on the good old max
im of "_Nil nisi bonum_
," I beg you will produ
ce this, as I'm sure it
is, and always was, un
commonly _bonum_, and l
ike good wine, all the
better for keeping. Her
Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 103, August 20, 1892 by Various