3rd International Symposium "Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism"

Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Closing date for submissions: 
1 July, 2009
Event dates: 
22.09.2009 - 24.09.2009

Dear Colleagues!

We take great pleasure in inviting You to participate in a 3rd International Symposium "Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism" about to be organized by the Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature (Tbilisi, Georgia) in September, 2009. The symposium will be held in an unattended form.

The Symposium is dedicated to the issues of contemporary literary studies, the problems of Georgian and World literature, literary relations and influences in the context of historical and intercultural communications. 

Panel topics will include the following:

  • Medieval Studies
  • Mythos, Ritual, Symbol
  • The Boundaries of a Novel
  • Contemporary Literary Processes
  • Text and Globalization
  • Interculturul Communications
  • Comparative Analysis of a Text and Typology of Culture

 Working languages of the Symposium are Georgian, English and Russian. 

Call for papers: 

Paper titles, abstracts of no more than 250 words and filled registration forms (they can be downloaded from our website) should be sent electronically by July1, 2009 to the Organizing Committee on the following email:

Rule for formatting: 

Text Language-English;

Editing parameters Ms Word for Windows;

Page size-A-4;

Margins: top-bottom- 2 cm; left-right-3 cm;

Font- Times New Roman;

Font size-12;

Line spacing -1.5;

Please, use no page numbers. 

Text Format: 

Title of theme: Times New Roman, Bold, 14, in capitals; 

Author: Times New Roman, 12, in capitals, initials (before surname) and surname of the author will be printed on the right, initials are printed without intervals, in italics; 

Main Text and approved literature: Times New Roman, 12. 

Submitted papers will be reviewed and approved participants will receive an informational communiqué a month after the completion of the submission deadline. 

Registration fee for accepted participants will be 30 EURO.  

It covers: Publication of symposium materials. 

For further information contact the Organizing Committee on the above mentioned email.  

Yours faithfully,

Organizing Committee

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