ENCLS 2015 Congress – call for proposals for panel on "Comparative Ideology and Adaptation"

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ENCLS-CLAI Congress – “Longing and Belonging” – Ireland 24-28 August 2015. Call for proposals for a panel on: Comparative Ideology and Adaptation
Brigitte Le Juez
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19 September, 2014
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24.08.2015 - 28.08.2015
Mark Wallace
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ENCLS-CLAI Congress – “Longing and Belonging” – Ireland 24-28 August 2015 Call for proposals for a panel on: Comparative Ideology and Adaptation Adaptation Studies has long occupied a liminal space between literature and film studies, without belonging to either. In a sense, this is appropriate, for adaptations, too, do not “belong” to an author figure in the same sense as other texts. Rather, because of the authorial agon between source writer and adaptation writer, adaptation is necessarily a site of ideological contestation – a clash of two authors, two cultures, two eras, two media. It is for this reason that Slavoj Žižek asserted that “one of the best ways to detect shifts in the ideological constellation is to compare consecutive remakes of the same story” (Living in the End Times, 2010). This panel encourages papers that examine how the same story retold differently in adaptation or remake can illustrate changes in the ideological constellation; or how an adaptation or remake told in the same way as its precursor can illustrate (a longing for) an ideological return to a past condition; or how an unrecognized ideological strand present within a source text (the influence of a philosopher or political theorist, for example) falls to be dealt with in an adaptation whose author(s) may be ostensibly focussed on narrative or aesthetic considerations and entirely unaware of this strand. We welcome proposals from Adaptation Studies, Intermedial Studies, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Reception Studies, and relevant proposals from any other field. ***** Please send your 300-word proposals for papers or queries to Mark Wallace: mark.wallace5@mail.dcu.ie Closing date for proposals for this panel is 19 September, 2014.