Historiography in literatures and cultures: between literature, myth and history

Baku Slavic University and Azerbaijan Comparative Literature Association
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5 June, 2013
Event dates: 
20.12.2013 - 21.12.2013
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CFP: Historiography in literatures and cultures: between literature, history and myth,

20-21December 2013

Baku Slavic University and Azerbaijan Comparative Literature Association are pleased to invite paper proposals for a traditional joint Comparative Literature conference on the topic Historiography in literatures and cultures: between literature, myth and history, which will take place in Baku in 20-21 December 2013.

This interdisciplinary conference aims to explore methodological and practical aspects of history as expression of memory and memorization of history in the text, how history locates between historical and literary genres, and how distinguish portrayal methods of history in different cultures.

History is the significant factor, which impacts in the content and forms of representation of the text, both scientific and artistic. Comparative investigation of different periods and locations, such as The Great Migration of early medieval period and migration of XX century, followed after collapse of modern empires; or disillusionment of newly emerged states in yesterday’s ideologies, icons and attempts to reconsider past, brought to parallels in conceptualization of past, changing the interpretation of past, or in other words, history of different period and by different people. In this context, one of the substantial issues of the day is to what extent chronicle or historical textbook are documentary, and to what extent imagination in literature and visual arts is data garbling and could be considered ethical.

Suggested panels and papers should address, but not limited, to the abovementioned points and research questions:
- Is speculation in literary or visual (such as movie, poster) representation of historical events, persons and vice-versa?
- Where are the borders between literary (or any art type) genres and documentary?
- Reassessment of past in texts: incompleteness of history?
- Historical itineraries and changing interpretation of depiction of history?
- Are literature and culture tools for resolving contradictions of history writing?
- How technologies influence into creation of documentary and fiction?
- How they create historical stereotypes?
- Literary fiction as source for undocumented stories of history?
- Literary forms and genres for representing myth and history in medieval period in different cultures (epic, historical novel, kasida, oda, et al.)
- Are the same: Oral Literature and Oral History?
- Traces of history in ancient myth (as Belosnejka (Snowwhite) and seven dwarfs)?

Proposals, which cover any relevant aspect and field are welcome in the following formats, especially with pro and cons papers
1. Individual papers
2. Panel sessions
3. Roundtable discussions

Working languages of the conference are Azerbaijani, Russian and English. But is pre-organized panel, German and French are also allowed.

Papers are allotted 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Deadline for abstract submission and panel proposal is June 5, 2013

Notification of acceptance is 15 June 2013

Conference date: 20-21 December 2013

Paper proposals (150-200-words abstract for a paper to last 15 minutes, brief CV no more than 1 page, contact information) are due by June 15, 2013 and should be sent to:

On behalf of Organizing Committee,
Prof. Dr. Rahilya Geybullayeva
Founding Head of Azerbaijani Comparative Literature Association
Head of the Azerbaijani Literature Department
Baku Slavic University
S. Roustam str., 25
Baku, Az-1014, Azerbaijan
Tel.: + 99 412 597 04 19