Justice and Minorized Languages Under a Postmonolingual Order

Event title (long): 
11th International Conference on Translation and Interpreting: Justice and Minorized Languages Under a Postmonolingual Order
Castelló de la Plana
Jaume I University
Closing date for submissions: 
5 September, 2016
Event dates: 
10.05.2017 - 12.05.2017

The 11th Translation and Interpreting Conference aims to describe the role translation, interpretation and, more generally, language planning play or should play in the creation of a postmonolingual order that favours the development of diverse identities and the normalization of minorized languages as codes for managing and accessing justice.
The organizers wish to receive proposals from the professional and scientific communities on the following topics:
• Justice and minorized languages. Theoretical approaches to justice and minorized languages; minorized languages in forensic linguistics; the relevance of legal translation theories for minorized languages.
• Terminology and resources for less-resourced languages. Management of legal terminology in minorized languages; creating law-related linguistic resources for less-resourced languages; the translation of legal instruments and jurisprudence into minorized languages; the establishment of linguistic models for minorized languages in the administration of justice.
• Ethnolinguistic democracies and cross-cultural law. Approaches to law and minorized languages; cross-cultural approaches in the development of international legal frameworks; translation in the development of legal systems and ethno-linguistic democracies; cross-cultural transactions in the legal field.
• Multilingualism and access to justice. Translators and interpreters of minorized languages in the judicial system; the right to interpretation and translation for minorized languages in criminal proceedings; translation in developing policies for the management of multilingualism in public services, including access to justice; the management of minorized languages in the administration of justice (case and comparative studies).
• Measures against glottophobia. Psychological basis and personal and social harms derived from glottophobia; analysis of glottophobic discourse in the law; policies and steps for the prevention of glottophobia in providing access to justice.
• Natural translators and interpreters in providing access to the legal field to minorized language users. The role of natural translators and interpreters in policies for managing multilingualism; the relationship between natural and professional translators and interpreters; training natural translators and interpreters; protection of children acting as translators and interpreters between migrant communities and local authorities.
Role of translators and interpreters for minorized languages. The transactional nature of linguistic mediation in the legal field; overcoming the paradigm of translators and interpreters as conduits; case studies of translators’ and interpreters’ roles in legal settings.


The full version of both papers and posters should be submitted via the CMT conference submission system (https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/JMLPO2016).

The Conference website (http://blogs.uji.es/itic11) provides formatting guidelines in the form of a Word stylesheet. EndNote bibliographic style files are also provided.


September 5th, 2016: deadline for abstracts of papers and posters
October 15th, 2016: all authors notified of decisions
December 1st, 2016: deadline for speakers’ registration
December 15th, 2016: final program to be published on the conference webpage.
February 10th, 2017: speakers’ full papers and posters to be submitted for inclusion in the e-proceedings
April 1st, 2017: deadline for early-bird registration
April 25th, 2017: speakers’ presentations to be submitted
May 10-12th, 2017: conference takes place in Castellón, Spain