Onomastics and Literature

Event title (long): 

ONOMASTICA E LETTERATURA (O&L) - XIII Convegno Internazionale di Onomastica e Letteratura

Onomastica letteraria negli scrittori sardi e nel romanzo  poliziesco

ONOMASTICS AND LITERATURE (O&L)  - XIII International Conference of Onomastics and Literature Onomastics and Literature in Sardinian Writers and in Crime Novel

Associazione Onomastica & Letteratura and Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, Università di Sassari
Closing date for submissions: 
30 June, 2008
Event dates: 
08.10.2008 - 10.10.2008

Confirmed Keynote speaker: Prof. Dame Gillian Beer  

Call for Papers  

We welcome proposals on the following macro-thematics:  

1.      Onomastics (Anthroponymy and Toponymy) in Sardinian Writers

2.      The Names of Sardinian Writers as Odonyms

3.      Onomastics in Crime Novel

4.      Free Topic of Literary Onomastics.  

You are kindly invited to send title and abstract of your proposal to  prof. Maria Giovanna Arcamone – not later than 30 June 2008.

Your proposal should include the title and abstract (200 words), your thematic choice (see the list above), and your full contact address. The maximum length of the papers will be decided according to the number of speakers. A selection of papers will be published in the issue of “Il nome nel testo” 2008, which will follow the Conference.  Speakers will have to be members of the Association. Membership fee 6€, which will also include a discount on buying an issue of  “Il Nome del Testo”. All researchers of Literature and Onomastics who apply for it may be eligible for membership.  Official languages of the association – to be used in publications, conferences and assemblies – are Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.   

For further information and Conference Registration please contact: onomastica.letteratura@gmail.com

Onomastica & Letteratura,

c/o Dipartimento di Studi Italianistici,
via Dei Mille 15, 56126 Pisa 
University of Sassari
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Via Roma 151
07100 Sassari 
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