Minutes of the General Meeting 2005

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The minutes of the General Meeting held in Florence, 17 September 2005, are attached (pdf file).

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Minutes of the General Assembly of the REELC/ENCLS,

Florence, 17 September 2005.

A General Assembly of the REELC/ENCLS was held at the Rotonda Brunelleschi in

Florence on 16 September 2005, from 18.30 to 20.00, in the context of the

Conference “The Dialects of the Tribe”, Florence 15-17 September 2005. The

Assembly was chaired by the outgoing General Coordinator of the Réseau/Network,

Prof. Mario Domenichelli.

Present (in alphabetical order): Lucia Boldrini (Goldsmiths College, University of

London), Laura F. Bulger (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro), Danièle

Chauvin (Paris IV, Sorbonne), Mario Domenichelli (Università di Firenze), Gerald

Gillespie (Stanford University), Anastasia Gjurcinova (University of Skopje), Marko

Juvan (SRC of the Slovene Acedemy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubliana), Nijole

Kaselioliniene (Université Pédagogique de Vilnius), Bart Keunen (University of

Ghent), Frans-Willem Korsten (University of Leiden), Gabriela Macedo

(Universidade do Minho), Gabriella Macrì (Università Aristotele Salonicco), Peter

Madsen (University of Copenhagen), Kai Mikkonen (University of Helsinki), Alain

Montandon (Université Blaise Pascal Clermont II), Florian Mussgnug (University

College London), Liedeke Plate (Radbond University Nijmgen), Jola Skulj (ZRC

SAZU Ljubliana), Monica Spiridon (University of Bucharest), Sonja Stosmenska-

Elezeser (Institute of Macedonian Literature), Ales Vaupotic (University of

Ljubliana), Sven Vitse (Vrÿe Universiteit Brussel), Bertrand Westphal (Université de


Items discussed:


1. Website.

An offer to set up and manage the website was received from Jola Skulj and Ales

Vaupotic of the University of Ljubliana. ZRC-SAZU would provide technical help

and server space. Ales Vaupotic would be the Webmaster. The offer was

conditional to: a) a clear explanation (to be given at the meeting and confirmed in

writing) of what the REELC/ENCLS wants from the website and how the material

would be submitted; b) the agreement of ZRC-SAZU (to be sought by our

Slovenian colleagues as soon as possible after the meeting).

It was agreed that the webpage would contain information on what the

REELC/ENCLS is, its Charter, its officers, and provide databases for:

- announcements (e.g. conferences, calls for papers…)

- student and teacher mobility (e.g. postdoctoral posts, visiting professors)

- PhD theses (e.g. titles, institutions, abstracts)

- list of members with contact details and areas of research/teaching interests

(and relevant links, e.g. to personal webpages, research projects etc.)

- research projects

- existing doctoral and postdoctoral courses and schools

- job vacancies

Other databases / pages that would be of interest are: lists of national associations

with links to their webpages when they exist; summer schools; relevant

publications, with links to those available online.

The question of the language(s) to be used was discussed at length. The majority

was in favour of publishing information in whatever language it was issued (e.g. a

call for paper posted in French would remain in French); crucially, there is no

expectation that the webmaster translate information received. It is hoped that

members will send information to the webmaster in more than one language when

possible or relevant.

Ales Vaupotic will liaise with Markus Winkler re the possibility of a mirror site

located in Switzerland (this would ensure that if a server is down, the other will

still available), and possible translation of key information / webpage instructions

in French. Bertrand Westphal will initially act as link between Ales and Markus.

The question of whether the instructions on the page itself should be in English or

English and French was not resolved, but the majority was in favour of the simpler,

cleaner solution. It was generally felt that Ales’s and the Slovenian team’s

expertise should guide us on technical matters.

A list-serve and the distribution of information between the website and the listserve

was also discussed. No clear decision was reached however on who would

manage the list-serve and what the relationship will be between website and listserve.

[This will have to be clarified through further discussion between the

General Coordinator and the Webmaster]

Ales Vaupotic was nominated Webmaster of REELC/ENCLS (subject to his

institution’s confirmation of the offer).

The Assembly expressed their warmest thanks to Ales, and to Jola for her good

office in ensuring a solution to what was becoming a serious problem for the



2. Charter.

The Charter was approved with some corrections concerning: name;

representatives from national associations; officers’ roles; clearer division between

a Council and an Executive Committee. Bart Keunen will write in these

corrections. The revised Charter will then be circulated to all members. It was

accepted that some further revisions may be required between now and the 2007

conference (e.g. on the question of members registration, membership fees etc. For

the moment membership of the REELC/ENCLS remains free and open to all).


3. Election of New Officers.

The term of office of all officers elected in Brussels in 2003 came to an end. The

General Coordinator, Mario Domenichelli, indicated that he did not wish to stand

again in that role. Lucia Boldrini was elected General Coordinator 2005-2007. She

made it clear that she was prepared to undertake this role only if supported by a

“committee of committed officers” willing to help. Because of time pressure,

officers were not elected on this occasion, and it was left to the new General

Coordinator to solicit members of the Council to act as officers. Of the existing

officers that were present (who can be re-elected for a second term), Jola Skulj,

Monica Spiridon, Bart Keunen, Bertrand Westphal, and Mario Domenichelli as

immediate past CG, were asked to continue as serving officers on the Executive

Committee. Ales Vaupotic will also be co-opted to the Exec Cttee as Webmaster.

The General Coordinator undertook to contact all existing national representatives

and/or national associations to ensure that all European countries are represented in

the Council.


4. 2007 Conference.

There being no other offer, Prof. Alain Montandon offered to host the 2007

REELC/ENCLS conference in Clermont Ferrand, within his funded project on the

life of literary genres.

The Assembly expressed their gratitude to Prof. Montandon for coming to the


Three priorities were affirmed: A scientific committee will have to be appointed;

financial help should be offered to delegates who wish to participate but have

scarce resources; efforts must be made to integrate and not sideline young



5. Danièle Chauvin moved to thank Mario Domenichelli for the successful

organisation of “The Dialects of the Tribes”; for having served his two years as

General Coordinator, and especially for having brilliantly overcome the moment of

extreme pessimism when it seemed that the REELC/ENCLS was not going to

survive. The Assembly warmly supported Prof. Chauvin’s motion and expressed

its thanks to Prof. Domenichelli.


6. Other Business: Bart Keunen wished to discuss an idea for funding but as there was

no time, the discussion would take place between him and the General Coordinator

at the first available opportunity.


The meeting ended shortly after 20:00.


Lucia Boldrini


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