Global Bhutanese Literature Organization

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Global Bhutanese Literature Organization is a common platform of Bhutanese writers and readers.


Bhutanese Literature

In the context of world literature, Bhutanese Literature seemed hidden in the corner of this world and not exposed with its artistic writing. There was in need of one concrete literature organization which can give a common platform to the Bhutanese readers and writers to make renowned Bhutanese literature globally. To meet the global standard Global Bhutanese Literature Organization was formed on 5th of October 2009 with common objectives. Objectives are: promote, Protect, Conserve and bring revolution in Bhutanese Literature in this 21st century with new concept and ideas of all people.
 Connect Bhutanese writers all over the world,
Encourage and uplift the young generation in the field of literature and education, keep Old Literature alive with respect and bring change in progressive way across the globe, encourage all people in literary field making their active participation, look the world with clear view of freedom mind in 21st century.
To involve young generation and develop their potentialities in Literature and Education, and its main objectives to bring all writers and readers in a platform to share ideas and views to give a complete solution in Bhutanese literature and meet the standard of high level of Global literature


Bhutanese writers

Thousands of Bhutanese writes and readers are doing literary work every day. We (GBLO) knew the right way to preserve and promote our Bhutanese writers globally. GBLO is the right organization for all level writers. Child’s Literature, Adult literature, Elderly literature etc also comes under our literary program. It’s fully non political literary organization for all Bhutanese people. People of all ages are welcome to this organization to express their feelings, thoughts, suggestion through literary work. We believe literature is in every thing if we know it rightly. GBLO also knows that literature and music are the two sides of same coin, and society as a good land of creation in literature. We are hopeful that GBLO writers will meet the standard of World Literature. We welcome all writers and readers to be committed in the development of Bhutanese literature and become the great professional writers one day across the globe and educate the people. GBLO works for the writers and readers promotion in globally through different Medias. Global Bhutanese literature Organization also works to share art in literature with world community in progressive way. GBLO publishes all kinds of literary writings, including descriptive, native, expository and persuasive works, as well as creative literary works like prose ,poetry, story, essay, plays, novel, music videos/videos related to literature etc. through website, , ,social networks ( and face book – ), blogs, Google, YouTube, online book publishing E – website etc.