Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Romanova Olha,

Shevchenko Institute of Literature is the unique governmental academic research institution for studying literature in Ukraine. Shevchenko Institute of Literature is a structural subdivision of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

During the eighty-year history of the Institute there has been intensive and fruitful researching and publishing activity. Almost all editions of the classic works of the Ukrainian writers, which are widely used all around the world, were prepared in the Institute.

Work Directions:

  • to study the Ukrainian and world literature;
  • to pursue fundamental researches on theory and history of literature;
  • to coordinate literary studies in Ukraine;
  • to prepare scholars;
  • to collect, preserve and study manuscripts of Ukrainian writers.

The Institute collaborates with the educational system of Ukraine. Programs, textbooks, handbooks, and anthologies prepared by scholars of the Institute, are used in schools, colleges and universities of the country.

Now the Institute scholars work at such important projects:

  • Shevchenko Encyclopedia in 4 vol.;
  • New Complete Academic Edition of T. Shevchenko’s Writings in 12 vol.;
  • New Academic History of Ukrainian Literature in 12 vol.;
  • Anthology of Modern Comparative Literature.

The Department of Comparative Literature, founded in January, 2002, is rather young subdivision of Shevchenko Institute of Literature, but its researching activity is vigorous, enterprising, and fruitful. Researchers of the Department undertake to promote and facilitate literary studies that cut across national, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries, and that place literary works in the context of other expressive traditions, including other art forms such as music, film, painting, and architecture. Special attention is paid to the problem of Ukrainian literature in the international context.

Researching work

The researchers of the Department work at such collective projects as The Anthology of Comparative Literature of the 20th Century where significant works of world-famous comparativists will be presented in Ukrainian and with special comments; National Schools of Comparative Literature: Genesis and Current Situation which will demonstrates the history of Comparative Literature in different countries. These academic works will promote extending knowledge about modern Comparative Literature Studies.

The Department biyearly organizes the academic conference “Actual Problems of Modern Comparative Literature”, and publishes the academic edition Literaturna Comparatyvistyka (Comparative Literature in Ukraine).