Literary Studies in Reconstruction: An Introduction to Literature (by Marko Juvan)

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Marko Juvan: Literary Studies in Reconstruction: An Introduction to Literature
Frankfurt a. M. etc.: Peter Lang, 2011
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01.06.2011 - 01.06.2014
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Synopsis: The identity and relevance of literary studies require a conceptual and institutional reconstruction in response to the global reshaping and commodification of knowledge. The author thus proposes a theory of literary discourse and literary history that take into account literariness as an important socio-cultural phenomenon and revisits several critical concepts, such as world literature, literary text, genre, style, fiction, literary space, and cultural memory.
Contents: Theory of Literary Discourse - Literary History between Narrative and Hypertext - World Literature(s) and Peripheries – Postmodern Textology and Electronic Media - The Structure of Literary Text and the Event of Meaning - Literariness - The Text and Genre - Stylistic Subject-Fashioning - Fiction, Reality, and Laws - Textual and Contextual Spaces - Cultural Memory and Literature
“Juvan's book is a lucid and thoughtful introduction to literary studies. Grounding his work in thorough knowledge of the history of the discipline and its current methodological concerns, Juvan helpfully reassembles a range of concepts central to the exploration and appreciation of literature. He does so fully aware of, and carefully responding to, the lessons of deconstruction and post-structuralism that have been urging us to rethink literariness, genre, style, and so many other mainstays of traditional literary studies.” (Galin Tihanov, University of Manchester)
Marko Juvan works at the Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and teaches literary theory at the University of Ljubljana. He is a member of the ICLA Committee on Literary Theory and the Executive Committee of the European Network for Comparative Literary Studies. His recent publications in English include Writing Literary History (co-editor, with Darko Dolinar, Peter Lang 2006) as well as a study about history and poetics of intertextuality in 2008.
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