Ausra Jurgutiene

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Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore
Department of Contemporary Lithuanian Literature
senior researcher
English, Russian, Lithuanian
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Jurgutiene is an associate professor of literary theory at the Pedagogical University of Vilnius and University of Klaipėda.

 She has teached young scientists according to the joint graduate school programme, approved by the Vilnius University and LLFI  (the course “Reader Orientated Literary Theories”). A. Jurgutienė examines graduate students, is a supervisor of their doctoral theses.



Research areas: 
Aušra Jurgutienė takes interest in methodological problems of literary research, the soviet-time investigation, issues on cultural communication. The most significant merit of her scientific works - renewal of the Lithuanian literature research methodology. During the 2002-2007 period A.  Jurgutienė published 30 scientific articles, of which - 28 in Lithuanian reviewable periodicals or other periodicals or international or foreign publications. Currently, A. Jurgutienė has been preparing a list of her scientific publications, selected by her own and approved by the Vilnius University Science Division, for the habilitation procedure, also has been providing a collection of articles for the press. Furthermore, she is compiler and co-author of the book  “Literary Theories of the 20th  Century” (2006, p.372) A. Jurgutienė participates in different seminars, held by LLFI and LLCA - for instance , on soviet literature research or on comparative literature; in open scientific discussions ("Literary Science in Today's Lithuania", Literature , 47 (1), 2005, p.87-108, ISSN 0258-0802).
A. Jurgutienė is co-authoress of "Lithuanian Literature Encyclopedia“ (2001) (she has published about 30 articles on aesthetics and the 20th  century literary  themes, which were updated on the online book version).
A. Jurgutienė has contributed to preparation of young scientists. According to the joint subject programme, prepared and approved by the Vilnius University and LLFI literature-trend graduate school, entitled “Reader Orientated Literary Theories” A. Jurgutienė examines graduate students, is a supervisor of their doctoral theses.  Doctoral thesis “The Aesthetic Ideas of the Founders of Lithuanian Neo-romanticism” and degree 1997.


Oxford Hospitality, 2000-OB0018-006.
In scientific activity organization field, A. Jurgutienė is known as a founder of the LLCA (Association of Lithuanian Comparative Literature), a strategy maker and its Board member; she organizes its activity trends, seminar cycles, conferences, reviews reports and papers, assists in preparing the publications Acta litteraria comparativa.
In scientific organization and management field, she has prepared two important projects according to LSSSF (Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation)programmes. In 2004, A. Jurgutienė introduced a project for the publication „Literary Theories of the 20th Century“. For this work she invited 12 scientists and professors from different higher schools and in 2006 successfully finished it.
She was is a supervisor of the project “Post-Soviet Turning of Literary Science: Reflection and Development (TURNING)“ , financed according to the LSSSF contest, in conformity with the 2007-2008 programme of implementation of Lithuanistics science research, approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (agreements No L-09/2007 and No. L-09/2008). The project (initiator is LLFI, partner is University of Vilnius) involves more than 40 participants from the LLFI and VU, also hired translators, scientists and teachers from other universities. The project aims at spreading science ideas in the European Union and neighbouring countries, and for this purpose two collections of articles by Lithuanian scientists will be prepared: one in English „Excursuses of Baltic Postmodernism: Lithuanian Literature 1988−2008“, the other one in Russian „Soviet and Post-Soviet Lithuanian Literature: Reflection of Changes in Values and Attitudes”. Furthermore, two serial annexes for the published book “Literary Theories of the 20th Century“ are being prepared together with the colleagues: “Literary Theories of the 20th Century: Anthology“ and “Literary Theories of the 20th Century Literature: Interpretations”. Moreover, the yearly students’ summer seminar “Salos” (“Islands”) is sponsored from the project funds.
Jurgutienė is an expert of scientific applications and works of the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation. An expert of the programme of Scientists’ Society “Recovery of Minds”. A member of Experts’ Commission set by the State Studies Quality Centre, 2006, designed to evaluate Lithuanistics programmes in  Lithuanian universities, Bachelors studies. In the period of 2002-2007, she was a member of the LLFI Assessment commission. She is a constant participant of doctoral degree theses defence commissions. A member of editorial board of the scientific magazine „Inter –studia humanitatis“. A constant participant of the yearly event of Lithuanian literature “The Most Creative Book of the Year”, a member of the commission of LLFI.
Jurguttiene is a council member of Association of Lithuania of Comparative literature (LLCA) (in collaboration with REELS-ENCLS) and also an editor of scholarly publications.
From 2008 she is a member of Research Council of Lithuania.
Since A. Jurgutienė is elected into the LLCA Board, responsible for its activity coordination and general activity organization, from the very foundation of this association (2005), she has made a great contribution in organization of international scientific projects. The Association, soon after it was founded, has become a member of the European comparative literature studies network (Réseau Européen des Etudes Littéraires Comparées, REELC-ENCLS) and participates in REELC-ENCLS conferences, and in 2009 was organized the joint scientists’ conference  „Transformations of European Landscape; Meetings of the Own and the Foreign“ in Vilnius.  A. Jurgutienė is a constant organizer of programs of international conferences held by the Association and an expert of the scientific series Acta litteraria comparativa. She participated in organizing international conferences „Comparative and Self-Conception of Culture“ (VPU, 2003 11 14-15), „Cultural Inter-texts“ (VPU, 2005 10 14-15), „Barbarian in modern Literature and Art“ (VPU, 2007 11 9-10).
Ausra Jurgutienė is involved in organization of the  international conferences in Lithuanian Literature and Folklore Institute. She actively participates in the joint conferences of Baltic State Literature specialists. Since the 5th conference held in Vilnius  (2003), the soviet literature research in which LLFI together with Latvian and Estonian scientists are involved was started. A. Jurgutienė organized and participated in the following conferences: LLFI „Literary History: a Paradox or a Paradigm“ (LLTI, 2003 10 22-24), „We have Something in Common: The Baltic Memory (Talinn, 2005 12 7-9), “Back to Baltic Memory: Lost and Found in Literature 1940-1968” (Ryga, 2007 11 29-30). A. Jurgutienė’s papers are published in all papers collections of the above mentioned conferences.
She is involved in is  her personal contacts and her, as a speaker’s, participation in the following conferences: „The Nordic Association for American Studies (in Trondheim university (Norway) 2003 08 6-9), „A Problem of ‘The Other Voice‘ in Language, Literature, Culture” in Sankt Peterburg State Pedagogical University, 2003 03 27-29), „New Europe – Old Myths“ (in Sankt-Peterburg State Pedagogical University, 2004 03 24-27) , etc.


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