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School of Education, Culture and Communication
Comparative Literature
Senior Lecturer
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I was born in 1961 in Stockholm and educated at Stockholm and Umeå UniversitiesI got my teacher's degree in 1993. Soon after I strted to work on my doctoral thesis, which is about orientalism in late 19th century Swedish literature, and did my dissertaion in 2003 at Örebro University. For the last ten years I have been teaching at Mälardalen University. Occasionally, I write for Swedish daily papers Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet. I live in Rönninge near Stockholm. Recently I have created and taught a course on the teaching of literature for second language learners and also published a course book on the subject. At present I have a scholarship togehther wtih a collegue for three years to do research on a specific variant of autobiographical writing which we seek to define historically as well as contemporarey, in a project we call "Extrovert Selves".

Swedish, English, (Spanish, German, French reading ability)
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I teach comparative literature, literary history and literary theory, mainly within the teacher's programme. I have also developed a course on literature in a second language perspective.
Research areas: 

Postcolonialism, autobiography and self-representation. In the context of comparative literature I am interested in the ways literature is being taught in schools in various European countries. Are there any explicit political or ideological purposes? What role do notions of nationality have in literature teaching? This could become a future research area.

Transformation of the European Landscape: Encounters Between Self and Other, Vilnius, September 11-13, 2009. Fölredrag/Paper: An Extrovert Self: the Concept of “I” in the Autobiographical Prose-Writings of Czeslaw Milosz.
Heidenstam, Birgitta och vår tid. (Heidenstam, Birgitta and the Contemporary) Föredrag/Paper: Verner von Heidenstams roman Heliga Birgittas pilgrimsfärd, (Heidenstam’s Novel the Pilgrimage of StBirgitta), 2003-09-13, Länsmuseet Linköping.

Kulturmöten, (Cultural Encounters) Växjö University, oktober 2000. Föredrag/Paper: Svenska pilgrimsresenärer i Det heliga landet (Swedish Pilgrimages to The Holy Land).

Crossroads Konferens i Cultural Studies, Tammerfors universitet, juli 1998

Text and kontext, Helsingør, june 1997
”Vi, civilisationens ljusbärare”. Orientalistiska mönster i det sena 1800-talets svenska litteratur och kultur. (”We, the Torch-Bearersof Civilization. Oreintalist Patterns in Late Nineteenth-century Swedish Literature and Culture), Diss. Örebro: Örebro universitet 2003.
Litteraturen, språket, världen. Andraspråksperspektiv på litteraturundervisning. Lund: Studentlitteratur 2012.
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