Dr Elinor Shaffer FBA

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United Kingdom
University of London
Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London
Senior Research Fellow
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A founder of the British Comparative Literature Association

I am still a member of the Executive Committee. Previously

I was in one of the first Comparative Literature Departments

in the UK, and was the first Editor of the annual journal

Comparative Criticism(Cambridge University Press, 1979-2003).

Since 1998 I have been Director of the Research Project

initiated in the British Academy, of which I am a Fellow,

The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe.

         The Series has published sixteen volumes so far,

the latest (2008)being The Reception of P.B. Shelley in Europe,

and The Reception of Charles Darwin in Europe (2 vols)



English (native)

Latin (school)

German (good reading, writing and speaking)

French (good reading knowledge, adequate speaking)

 Italian (some reading and speaking knowledge)

Teaching areas: 

European Romanticism; Nineteenth-century novel;

literary theory and criticism; comparative literature, art

and music (Romantic, nineteenth-century, Modern);

comparative reception studies;

Research areas: 

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (English Romantic poet and critic

and German literature and  thought

including German philosophy and the Higher Criticism

literature and science

comparative European reception studies

Writing history of British Comparative Literature Association

in the context of J.T. Leerssen, History of Comparative Literary

Studies in Britain 1800-2000


Major conferences of the International Comparative Literature Association;  organizer of the first and founding conference of the British Comparative Literature Association; attended and gave papers at many conferences; organizer of many colloquia of the Reception Studies Research Projects; most recently,as Director of the British Academy Reception Studies NetworkGroup, I have organized two conferences a year for five years mainly in Continental venues (including Paris and Aix-en-Provence, France;Brussels, Belgium; Leon, Spain; Bologna, Italy), as well asLondon and Cambridge.


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