Dr Federico Sabatini PhD

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University of Turin
Comparative Literature
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MA in English Studies, first class degree with honours, University of Perugia (supervisor: Prof. Sergio Rufini). Title:
Lytton Strachey. Il genere (auto)biografico alla luce del gender
A close analysis of the work of Bloomsbury member and biographer Lytton Strachey, compared to the biographies by Virginia Woolf (Roger Fry and Orlando) and the “autobiographical” writing by E. M. Forster (Maurice). Classical theories on biography and autobiography (Harold Nicholson, Leon Edel, Philippe Lejeune, Paul John Eakin, Jacques Derrida and Roland Barthes) are used to enlighten Strachey’s original innovations, together with psychoanalytic theories on the concept of “transference” (Leon Edel and Jaques Lacan), to focus on the fertile relationship between biography and autobiography. In addition, various theories of gender studies (Susan Sontag, Jeffrey Meyers, Eve Kosoksky Sedgwick, Fabio Cleto, Suzette Hendke) are used to examine Strachey’s High Camp style, in the light of the tradition of 18th century Literature

1999: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, Exeter University (UK)

2000: PGCE in English Studies, Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione (italian "abilitazione all'insegnamento della lingua e della letteratura inglese)

 2007: PhD in Comparative Literature, University of Turin (supervisor: Prof. Carla Marengo Vaglio). Title:
Im-marginable. Percezioni di luoghi e spazi in Joyce, Beckett e Genet.
A comparative analysis of the three authors in the light of their recreations of space and place according to the perceptions and to the states of conscience of their characters. Literary theory (Genette, Hamon, Joseph Frank), Phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty and Bachelard), and Classical Philosophy (Bruno, Descartes, Berkeley, Lucrezio, Aristotle and Plato) are used to analyse various conceptions of space, perception and mental (as well as literary) spatial recreations.

2009: Appointed as specialist in English and Translation, Exam Commission Board Member, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Turin.

2010: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Comparative Literature, Department of Comparative Literature and Fondazione Goria (CRT), University of Turin.


Italian, native speaker

English, near native

French, fluent

German, fluent

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English Language, English Literature (19th and 20th centuries)

Comparative Literature

Italian Language and Literature

Research areas: 

James Joyce and European Modernism

19th Century Literature

Literary Theory and Philosophy

Biography, Autobiography and Gender Studies

Space, Place (Philosophy of Science) and Perception in Literature

Literature and Visual Arts - Intertextuality


 PEER-REVIEWER for Plenum, South Carolina University Interdisciplinary Journal. Areas of Interest: English and Comparative Literature; from 2010.



 2004-2007: three-year monthly scholarship from the University of Turin to pursue PhD reserach in Comparative Literature.

 2008: Scholarship from the James Joyce Italian Foundation to cover participation in The James Joyce International Symposium, Tours, France, June 2008.

 2009: Scholarship from James Joyce Research Centre, UCD, University of Central Dublin, to participate in the Second International James Joyce Colloquium, UCD, Dublin.

2009: Scholarship from Fordham University, New York, to finance participation in the XIX Virginia Woolf International Conference, Fordham University, Lincoln Center, New York, June 2009.

2010: Giorgio Melchiori Grant from Italian James Joyce Foundation, to pursue further research on  Joyce.

2010: Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Turin, Fondazione Goria (CRT), Turin.

Chaired Panels:
"Finnegans Wake: Extra Linguistic Strategies", James Joyce 2010, XXII James Joyce International Symposium, Charles University, Prague.
"The City as a Transitional Text", Woolf and the City - International Virginia Woolf Conference , Fordham University, New York, June 2009.
Virginia Woolf, Modernism, and Science”, British Society for Literature and Science Conference 2010 , NorthumbriaUniversity, Newcastle, UK, Apri 2010.
 Papers delivered:
"'Seer and Seen are one'": A Philosophical and Cognitive Reading of A Portrait", Cognitive Joyce. The Neuronal Text, Universitè Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, May, 2011.


“Contemporary Joyce: The Influence of James Joyce on William Trevor’s Writings”.Why read Joyce in the XXI Century. Joyce Birthday Conference, James Joyce Italian Foundation, University of Romatre, ROme, February 2011.


"To find an equivalent for life: Virginia Woolf, Transference and Modernism through Roger Fry and the 1910 Post-Impressionist Exhibition, The December 1910 Centenary Conference, British Association of Modernist Studies, University of Glasgow, December 2010.

“Contemporary Joyce: The Influence of James Joyce on William Trevor’s Writings”.Esse (European Society for the Study of English) 10 Conference, University di Torino, August 2010.
“Archiving the Unarchivable: The Role of Archive(s) in the Art of Biography of Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey”. “Archive” - British Society of Comparative Literature XXII International Conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, July 2010.
"Sifted Science will do your arts good": The Role of Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometries in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, XXII James Joyce International Symposium, Charles University, Prague, June 2010.
“‘Sifted science will do your arts good’: The Role of Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometries in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake’, British Society of Literature and Science Annual Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, April 2010.
"Imagination, Memory and Language: Dante's Influence on Samuel Beckett", Metamorphosing Dante, ICI Berlin, Berlin, September 2009.
"'Dark pours over the outlines of houses and towers:' Virginia Woolf's Prismatic Poetic of Space", Woolf and the City - International Virginia Woolf Conference (Panel: “Theories on Space"), FordhamUniversity, Lincoln Center, New York City, June 2009.
“The Immermemorial Instant: The Philosophy of Time in James Joyce and Giordano Bruno” (chaired by Carla Marengo Vaglio and Fritz Senn), James Joyce Italian Foundation Graduate Conference, Università Romatre, February, 2009.
“In the Flash of an Eye a Multiplicity of Things”: The Poetics of the (In)Finite in James Joyce and Giacomo Leopardi, Conference James Joyce’s Voyage in Italy, Saint-Gérand-le-Puy, France, June, 2008.
“Joyce and Bruno: an Immarginable an Interdisciplinary Dialogue”, XXI James Joyce International Symposium, Tours, France, June, 2008.
“Joyce’s visual writing: the symbolic space of the embrasure” (chaired by Carla Marengo Vaglio and Jacques Aubert), James Joyce Graduate Conference, James Joyce Italian Foundation, Rome, February, 2008.
“Materiality and A-materiality in Joyce and Beckett”, Entre tensions et passions: Construction et déconstruction de l’espace Européen, Université de Mulhouse, Haute-Halsace, France, October 2007.  
“Place-lessness and Space-lessness in Joyce and Woolf”, Metamorphosis and Place, Annual Transdisciplinary Literary and Cultural Studies Conference, FaithUniversity, Istanbul, May, 2007.
“Covert and Camp: The Case of Lytton Strachey and E. M. Forster”, Behind The Rainbow, International Queer Symposium, Enkidu Magazine, Mexico City, April, 2007.
“Body as a Landscape: The Cinema and the Cinematic by Jean Genet”,  Reel Bodies: The boundaries of the Body in Visual Culture, A School of English Postgraduate Symposium, University of Newcastle, March, 2007.
Immarginable Langscape: Re-creation and De-creation in Joyce and Beckett”, XX International James Joyce Symposium, University of Budapest, June 2006.
“Les jardins de l’immensité intime dans l’oeuvre des James Joyce (« The Garden as a Space of Intimate Immensity in James Joyce »), Conference, Jardins et intimité dans la littérature européenne (1750-1920), Université Blaise Pascal – Clermont II, Clermont Ferrand, France, March, 2006.
“To Give Relief to the Langscape: Verbally Visual Space in James Joyce”, The Mind’s Eye, Perspectives on Word and Image, London, UCL, February, 2006.
“La percezione del tempo in Notre-dame-des Fleurs” (« Time Perception in Genet’s Notre-dame -des-fleurs”), Conference, La Percezione del tempo nella letteratura e nelle arti, Pisa University, Pisa, Italy, October, 2006.
The Thought of the Bare Cheerless House: Space and Spacelessness In “The Dead” and A Portrait”, XIX James Joyce International Symposium, University of Dublin, June 2004.
“Louise Bourgeois: Cell III, Eyes and Mirrors”, Tate Gallery of Modern Art, London, July, 2001.




Im-marginable. Lo spazio di Joyce, Beckett e Genet, Rome, Aracne, 2007; the book has been inserted in the annual bibliography of critical studies on Samuel Beckett and shortlisted for the Carver Prize 2008.

Federico Sabatini, James Joyce. Scrivere Pricolosamente, Rome, Minimum Fax (series "Filigrana"). A collection of Joyce's thoughts on Writing edited, translated and introduced by Federico Sabatini, 2011.

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