Professor Indrani Mukherjee

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Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi - 110067.
Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies'
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 A second generation Latinamericanist in India who has the first ever PhD in Latin American Literature from India and a career in teaching which spans across 30 years in India and abroad.

Spanish, English and a reading knowledge of French.
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 Research Courses:          

SP-601: Research Methodology. (Monsoon Semester)

SP-614: Latin American  Cultural Studies. (Monsoon Semester)


SP-615: Latin American Post-Coloniality. (Winter Semester)

SP-613: Indo-Hispanic Reception Studies. (Winter Semester)


M.A. Level Courses:       

                SP-503: Latin American Culture &  Civilization III. (Monsoon Semester)                                                                                                  

                SP-505: Lat. Am. Literature of Twentieth Century-II. (Winter Semester)

Research areas: 






1.       “La enseñanza del texto literario como un performativo: un acercamiento basado en el Speech Act Theory y la Pragmática.” At UGC Refresher Course, Academic Staff College on 24.12.13.


2.       “Writings on the Black Body in Latin America: from Slave Branding, to MiscegeNation and Neo-liberal Tourism Packaging.” At UGC Refresher Course, Academic Staff College on 30.12.13.


3.        “The Writer as an Activist in Latin America,” in Doon University on 18.4.2012.


4.       “A Comparison of Goya’s and Tagore’s Dark Paintings,” in Doon University on 17.4.2012.


5.       “La Celestina and its links to India,” in UGC Refreshers Course at Academic Staff College in Jan, 2012.


6.       “Is Quixote the First Novel?” in UGC Refreshers Course at Academic Staff College in Jan, 2012.



A. Special Invitations.

1.       Invitation from the Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment in a Consultation Meeting with Experts and Professionals to discuss the issues and problems faced by the Transgender Community on 23rd August, 2013.


2.       Invitation for Revision of syllabus of the language courses for students of Management Studies in Gitam University,  Vishakapatnam,  Andhra Pradesh on 24th June, 2010.


3.       Invitation by the DG, Indian Council of World Affairs for representing India in a “India-Mexico Dialogue” on 7th November 2006.


4.       Invitation by the DG, Indian Council of World Affairs for representing India in a “India-Spain Dialogue” on 13th   December 2006.



1.    Convenor of Conference on Brazil-India : Two Poets’ Meet: Luiz Ruffato and Makarad Paranjape in JNU for CSPILAS on 22.8.2013 in collaboration with the Embassy of Brazil, at the Committee Room, SLL&CS, JNU.

2.    Convenor with Prof. Saugata Bhaduri (CES) of International Conference on Gender Studies and Expanding Horizons of Inter/Trans-Culturality in collaboration with the ICSSR, on 7th and 8th March 2013 at Convention Centre, JNU.

3.    Director of the Annual Meeting of Antonio Binnimelis Lecture 2011 organized by the  CSPILAS/SLL&CS, JNU.

4.    Director of the Fifth International Conference on Hispanism and Luso-Brazilian Studies held between  24th to 26th March, 2003 at the  CSS/SL/JNU, New Delhi and the ICCR, New Delhi.




1.       Latin American Narrative of the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century: Beyond the Boom.  New Delhi: Northern, 2012. ISBN: 81-7211-303-x.

2.       La poesía escrita por mujeres hispanoamericanas en el siglo xx.  Publicación de  CSPILAS/JNU, Ne=w Delhi: 2007. [Co authored]  ISBN: 81-901849-3-8.

3.       Reading  “Culture” in Spanish and Luso-Brazilian Studies. CSS/SL/JNU, New Delhi: 2004. [Co-edited]. ISBN: 81-901849-0-3.


4.       Hispanic Horizon, 2004. ISSN: 0970-7522.

5.       Hispanic Horizon, 2003. ISSN: 0970-7522


A.   Chapters of books.

6.       The Kalaripayattu and the Capoeira as Masculine Performances: From Bodies of Resistance to Neoliberal Tourism Bodies.  [Forthcoming].


7.       (Coauthored) “Gendered Myths from Mexico and India: Malintzin and Draupadi”. In Mito e interdisciplinariedad. Los mitos antiguos, medievales y  modernos en la literatura y las artes contemporáneas, José Manuel Losada Goya & Antonella Lipscomb (eds.), Bari (Italia): Levante Editori, 2013. 105-117. ISBN: 978-88-7949-623-0.


8.       (Coauthored)  "'Bohiragoro'-r Chitran, Narir Obosthan o Protijogi Pitritontro": Eduardo Galeano-r Mirror o Waliullah-r Lalsalu." Sravani Ray (Ed) Lalsalu: Chintaye - Chetanaye. Kolkata: Bongiyo Sahitya Samsad. pp. 196 - 207. May 2013. (ISBN: 978-93-82012-88-7).


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B.        Papers in Proceedings of Conference/Seminar:

12.  «Syncretisms amidst Indigenous Peoples in Goa/South India and Paraguay/South America». San Francisco Javier y la empresa misionera jesuita. Ignacio Arellano y Carlos Mata Induráin (eds.),  St Francis  Xavier and the Jesuit Missionary Enterprise. Assimilations between Cultures / San Francisco Javier y la empresa misionera jesuita. Asimilaciones entre culturas, Pamplona, Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Navarra, 2012 (BIADIG, Biblioteca Áurea Digital-Publicaciones digitales  del GRISO). ISBN: 978-84-8081-338-9.En:20.02.2013:


13.   (Coauthored) “Noir Films in Mexico and India and Gendered Urban Space.” 5th International Conference of The Spanish Society For The Literary Study Of Popular Culture (Selicup) on “Multidisciplinary Views on Popular Culture” organized by the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo, Spain from 25-27 October 2012. [Accepted for publication].


14.   (Coauthored) “Paradigms of the ‘Other’ as ‘Outsider’ and Competitive Patriarchy in Selected Vignettes of  Eduardo Galeano and Lalsalu of Syed Waliullah,” in Pre-Conference Poceedings of the 5th Global Conference on Multiculturalism: Conflict and Belonging held in Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom (22nd September – 25th September 2011) In 4.10.2011:


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16.   “Paz y Fuentes cara a cara: En torno a la muerte de Artemio Cruz,” Encuentro Indo-Hispánico en el siglo xxi.  CSPILAS/JNU, Nueva Delhi: 2005.  145-153.


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D. Papers on Teaching of Hispanic Literary Texts as Foreign Texts.

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E. Translations of Bangla Short Stories into Spanish:


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