Prof. Dr. Koen De Temmerman

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Prof. Dr.
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De Temmerman
Ghent University
Department of Classics
Research Professor
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Ancient Rhetoric

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My research revolves around the notions of character and characterization in ancient Greek fiction, ancient rhetoric, physiognomy and literary theory. I examine (1) modern and ancient theoretical models that conceptualize literary character and characterization, and (2) ancient authors' creative adoption of rhetorical and physiognomical techniques in literary construction of ethos (ethopoeia, chreia, paradigm, etc.). In my award-winning (see 'awards' below) PhD dissertation (2006; supervisor: Prof. Kristoffel Demoen), I developed a narratological-rhetorical model for the analysis of literary characterization in narrative and applied it to the ancient Greek novel (a literary genre from the first centuries AD). This project has generated new insights in the study of character construction in literary theory, ancient rhetoric and the Greek novels themselves. Currently, I am preparing a book and a number of journal articles on these subjects.

My postdoctoral work centers upon the narratological-rhetorical construction of character in ancient semi-fictional texts, such as sophists' and philosophers' biographies.

Research interests include ancient fiction, biography, ancient rhetoric, physiognomy, gender and sexuality in the ancient world, narratology, literary theory, character individuation and typification and identity construction.


Francqui Foundation Fellowship of the Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F., Inc.) (February 2006)

(Triennial) Prize of the 'Vlaamse Wetenschappelijke Stichting' for Humanities 2008, awarded to PhD. dissertation (2006, supervisor: Professor Kristoffel Demoen) (December 2008)


A complete list of publications can be found at (including access to some postprint copies in pdf)