Dr Lucia Boldrini

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United Kingdom
Goldsmiths, University of London
Department of English and Comparative Literature
Senior Lecturer
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Lucia Boldrini teaches English and comparative literature at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she coordinates the Comparative Literature And Criticism pathway of the MA in Comparative Literary Studies. She was General Coordinator of RÉELC-ENCLS from 2005 to 2009, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the International James Joyce Foundation from 2000 to 2006. She is a member of the executive committee of the British Comparative Literature Association. Her publications include works on Joyce, Dante, and modernist medievalism; fictional biography and autobiography; literature and science; comparative literature.

English, Italian, Spanish, reading competence in French, very limited German
Teaching areas: 

Theories and methodologies of comparative literature; Modernism, Postmodernism, Post-War II writing, Joyce; Dante; Literary theory, the short story

Current and recent areas of postgraduate supervision: Joyce; Eliot & Montale; 21st century fiction; Fictional biographies and autobiographies; Menie Muriel Dowie; Perec; The post-modern fantastic; Forster & Saba, Joyce & Pirandello, contemporay fairy tale picture books

Research areas: 

Modernism, postmodernism, James Joyce, Dante, modernist medievalism, literature and science, fictional biography and autobiography, comparative literature.

General Coordinator of the REELC/ENCLS, 2005-09 
Editorial Board, Comparative Critical Studies, 2004-present
Board of Trustees of the International James Joyce Foundation 2000-2006 
Executive Committee, British Comparative Literature Association 1998- present.

1989, Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere (English, Spanish, Italian), 110/110 Summa cum laude, University of Pisa,
1995, Dottorato in Ricerca, Universities of Pisa and Florence (English Literature)
1997, PhD, University of Leicester (Comparative Literature: English & Italian)

Scholarships & Awards
1989 Reaserch Scholarship, University of Leicester, 1989-1991
1991 Research Scholarship, University of Pisa, 1991-1994
1996 Research Award for publication of Biografie Fittizie e Personaggi Storici (ETS, 1998)
2000 Goldsmiths College Gregory Fellowship, Spring term 2000-01
2002 Centre for Excellence in Learning Technology Fellowship, 2002-03


Conference papers and guest lectures

2008 VI National Conference of the Portuguese Association of Comparative Literature / X Autumn Colloquium, "A Commemoration of the Historical Avantgarde", Universidade do Minho, Braga, 'Comparative Literature and Translation: Can the Past Teach Something About the Future?'

2008 VI International Conference of the Institute of Anglo-Italian Studies, University of Malta, "Britain and Italy: Literary and Cultural Relations", 'Anna Banti and Virginia Woolf: A Dialogue Across Time'

2008 Annual conference of the Slovene Comparative Literature Association, "The Author: Who or What is Writing Literature?", 'Heterobiography, Hypocriticism, and the Ethics of Authorial Responsibility'

2007 XI International BCLA Conference, "Folly". 'Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Anamorphosis, Hallucination, Metamorphosis'

2006 Annual conference of the Slovene Comparative Literature Association, "History and its literary genres".‘“On the threshold of a new ism”: Paradigm shifts in John Banville’s Doctor Copernicus’.

2006 Annual Conference of the Swiss Comparative Literature Association "Literature and Science". 'Literature and Science. Full Stop.' 

2005 Humanities graduate school, University of Venice. Guest Lecture: “Non star più nella pelle: The Collected Works of Billy the Kid di Michael Ondaatje”

2004 10th International BCLA Conference “Invention: Literature and Science”: ‘Primo Levi’s Obscure Writing? The Periodic Table, “The Two Cultures” and “Commitment”’

2003 "Autobiografictions"  Goldsmiths College. ‘Heterobiographies, or, The Delirium of Autobiography’

2001 Trieste Joyce Summer School. Plenary Lecture, ‘Intimations of proximate dawn’. A 2001 Ulysses’

2001 15th International ‘Miami J’yce’ conference. Paper: ‘Reviewing Ulysses through the eyes of 2001 (Tooling around with Kubrick’s Tube)’

1998 XVI International James Joyce Symposium, Rome. ‘James, Stein, Joyce, Eliot, and the Modernist Portrait’

1997 III International ESSE Conference, Debrecen, Hungary. Seminar on ‘Rewriting English Literature 19th and 20th Centuries’: ‘Biographical rewritings, modernism, postmodernism, and postcolonialism’.

1997 III International ESSE Conference, Debrecen, Hungary. Seminar on ‘“Cryptanalysis”: Cryptical/Critical Interaction in Contemporary Fiction and Theory’, Paper: ‘De Man that Killed the Author that Killed the Man: Adair’s The Death of the Author and the Ethics of (Anti-)theory’.

1996 International RE:JOYCE Conference, Dundee. ‘Unspeakable Geometries: From Dante’s Geometry of Ineffability to Joyce’s Geometry of the Unspeakable’.

1996 ‘Magic Realism in Literature Written in English’, University of Pisa. ‘In the Land of Miracles: Jack Hodgins’ Novels’.

1995 Robert Graves Centenary Conference, St John’s College, Oxford. ‘(Im)Proper Wife: Giving Voice to the Silent Woman in Robert Graves’ Wife to Mr Milton’.

1995 International Society for the Study of Narrative, Park City, University of Utah. ‘Are Postcolonial Fictional Biographies Postmodern? Modernism, Character and Exile in David Malouf’s n Imaginary Life’.

1995 Annual A.I.A. Conference, Bologna. ‘Impersonality and Death of the Author through Modernism and Postmodernism: Joyce, Nabokov, and the British Postmodernist Novel’.

1994 XIV James Joyce International Symposium, Seville. “Let Dante be silent...”: Wakean Transformations of Dante’s Theory of Polysemy’.

1993 International conference ‘Usure/Rupture,’ Université François Rabelais, Tours. ‘Turning Theory into Fiction’.

1991 7th International Conference on Narrative, University of Nice. ‘Narrative and Theatrical Fiction in Finnegans Wake.’

1990 XII International James Joyce Symposium, Monaco. ‘The Rule of Analogy and Contrapasso: Babel, Dante, Joyce, and the Redemption of Language.’

Conference Organisation
2007 BCLA International triennial conference, Folly, Goldsmiths College 2-5 July.

2004 X International BCLA Conference, Invention: Literature and Science.

2003 autobiografictions, Department of English and Comparative Literature / British Comparative Literature Association, Goldsmiths College

2000 XVII International James Joyce Symposium, ‘Joyce 2000: The Right to Write’, Goldsmiths College, London

1996 ‘Middayevil Joyce: A Forum on Joyce’s Medieval Cultures’, one-day workshop within the XV International James Joyce Symposium, Zurich


Forthcoming 2010 ‘Rattling the Cage of Meaning: Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table, the Two Cultures, and the Ethical Duty of the Writer’, Science and Literature, ed. By Cedric Barfoot and Valeria Tinkler Villani (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009).

2010  'Comparative Literature and Translation: Can the Past Teach Something About the Future?', Actas de "VI Congresso Nacional Associação Portuguesa de Literatura Comparada / X Colóquio de Outono Comemorativo das Vanguardas, ed. by Ana Gabriela Macedo and Maria Eduarda Keating, forthcoming in print (Braga: CEHUM, 2010), online at http://ceh.ilch.uminho.pt/outras_publicacoes_online_col_outono.htm#ind2

2009 ' Anna Banti and Virginia Woolf: A Grammar of Responsibility', Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies Vol 10 (2009), pp. 135-149.

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2009 ‘The Anamorphosis of Photography in Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid’. Image technologies in Canadian Literature: Narrative, Film and Photography, ed. By Carmen Concilio and Richard J. Lane (Peter Lang, 2009). 

2008 '"On the threshold of a new ism":  Historical Paradigms in John Banville's Doctor Copernicus', History and Its Literary Genres. ed. by Gasper Troha, Vanesa Matajc and Gregor Pompe (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008), pp. 18-29.

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