Maria Cristina Cardoso Ribas

First name: 
Maria Cristina Cardoso
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Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Faculdade de Formação de Professores
Prof. Adjunto D.E. UERJ
Short description: 

Bachelor's degree in Literature and Portuguese Studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (1982); Master in Brazilian Literature (1987); PhD in Literary Theory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1997). Since 2003 Associate Professor of the Department of Literature and Portuguese Studies in the Teachers Training College of Rio de Janeiro State University; coordinator of Literary Post-graduation Studies (2007-2010). Professor at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro for Literary Arts and Media Department until June 2011. Since then, Research Associate of the UNESCO Chair of Reading PUC-RJ. External Relations Coordinator in Rio de Janeiro State University Teachers Training College, Member of: the Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature and the National Library Research Group for "Periodicals and Literature".

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Teaching areas: 

Brazilian Literature; Literary Theory; Comparative Literature; Reading; Cultural Studies; Methodology and teaching Practices; Portuguese Language

Research areas: 

Literary Theory; Comparative Literature; Reading; Methodology and teaching Practices; Cultural Studies


2012. Reinterpretations of Contemporary Literature.

2012. The postmodern conceptual network: between the singular and the plural. Journals and literature: ephemeral publications, non-volatile memory. The Chronicle: writers between the mountain and the ground floor.

2011. Lives on border: margin, silence and dissemination. Literary Studies and cultural Diversities.

2011.Literature, literary theory and teaching.

2010. Seventh International Conference of the American Portuguese Studies Association (APSA). Across the seas: Brazilian textualities.



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Book chapters:

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RIBAS, M. C. C.. The postmodern conceptual network: between the singular and the plural-(in the section: literary Historiography in multiopcionais scenarios). In: Carlinda Fragale Pate Nuñez, Roberto Acízelo de Souza et al (Orgs. ) Literatry History: analitical principals and practices. 1ed. Rio de Janeiro: Makunaíma, 2012, v. , p. 165-195.

Articles published in journals:

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