Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia

First name: 
Maria Sofia
Family name: 
Pimentel Biscaia
University of Aveiro
Línguas e Culturas
Short description: 
Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia took her master degree in English Studies at the University of Aveiro in 1999. Her dissertation was on the grotesque strategies and themes in the work of Angela Carter and Salman Rushdie. In 2005 she completed her doctoral thesis entitled Dialogical Readings of the Grotesque: Contemporary Texts of the Excess. At the moment she is undertaking the post-doctoral project Dicionário Terminológico de Crítica Literária Pós-Colonial. Along with other objectives, the purpose of this dictionary is to standardize postcolonial terms in Portuguese which have been translated from the English with no terminological validation and those terms which are specific to the Portuguese context. The academic interests of Maria Sofia Pimentel Biscaia refer to the theories of the carnivalesque-grotesque and the psychological grotesque in postcolonial writings in English and in literature by women and they focus on such areas as the abject body, the maternal matrix, metamorphosis, violence, sacrificial rituals and social practices, and terror. During her research she has also become interested in literatures that reflect similar approaches which range from Latin American or African magical realist texts to subversive rewritings of fairy tales. These studies have been carried out in English given the absence of a suitably validated discourse in Portuguese in postcolonial literature. Thus lately her interests have expanded beyond the literary world and merged with terminology so as to compensate this gap in the future for all scholars writing on the subject of postcolonial literature in Portuguese.



Research areas: 

Postcolonial Studies

Feminist Studies