Prof. Marie-Therese Abdel-Messih

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Kuwait University
Department of English Language & Literature
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Professor of English & Comparative Literature


Board of Trustees Member, International Arab Fiction Prize, sponsored by the Emirates Foundation in association with the Man Booker Foundation.Counselor for  Annals of the Arts & Social Sciences, Kuwait University. Counselor for the National Project for Translation, Supreme Council for Culture, Cairo. Member of Jury for the Sawiris Foundation Fiction and Short Story Award. Member of Jury for the State Awards for Fiction, Short Story, and Aesthetics.

Arabic - English - French - Spanish
Teaching areas: 


Early and Contemporary Fiction

Renaissance British Culture

18th Century British Culture

20th Century European Culture

Modern & Contemporary Literary


Comparative Literature: Theory & Praxis

World Literature


                    Modern & Contemporary Literary Theory

                    Literary Interaction

Research areas: 
Comparative Literature – Postcolonial Studies – Interart Studies.

Academic Honors & Fellowships: Visiting Scholar, Literary & Visual Studies, University of Kent (1994). Visiting Scholar, American Research Studies Centre, Hyderabad (1988). British Council Bursary, School of Comparative Studies, Essex University, 1981. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grant, Facultad de Filología Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1976-77). 



2007     “Symposium on Modern Trends in Greek and Latin          Studies,” Cairo University, Department of Greek &         Latin Studies & ESGRS, 14-15 March.

2007     “The Ambvilance of Modernity in the Egyptian Arts         Movement,” ٍSymposium on the The Future of Fine          Arts In Egypt,           Supreme Council for Culture, Cairo         (13-14 March).

2007                 “Visual Art in the Everyday Context”, Panel: International Symposium on History and the Arts, The Supreme Council for Culture, Cairo (26-28 February).

2006     “Literatures: From Text to Hypertext”, Universidad           Complutense de Madrid (21-22 September).

2005     "The Creation of the Image". Workshop:             Wissenschaft Kolleg. Berlin, Germany (April).

2004     4th Symposium on Fine Arts: “Fine Arts Issues in the       Age of the Image.” Cairo: Supreme Council of    Culture, Cairo (4-6 December).

2004     “L’Ecriture de L’Histoire: Entre Historiographie et             Litterature,” Colloque international, Faculty of Arts,             University of Cairo & Centre Français de Culture et          de Coopération du Caire (4-6 December).

2004     “The Third Indternational Internet Education                     Conference”, Human and Technology Development             Foundation, Cairo (11-13  October).

2003     “Postcolonialism,” Seminar with Robert Young, Oxford,  Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo (16 December).

2003     “The Novel and the City,” Supreme Council of Culture,     Cairo (18-22 October).

2003     “Hystorical Fictions: Women, History and Authorship,”    University of Wales, Swansea, UK (5-7 August).

2002     “Images of Arab Women’s Creativity in the West”,           Roundtable discussion, Arab Women Creators   Conference, Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo: (26-  30 October). (Arabic).

2002     “Youth Writing in Egypt”, Supreme Council for                Culture, Cairo,  (May). (Arabic).

2002     “Fine Arts Workshop” Hanager Arts Centre, Cairo, Host: Gamal Abdel Nasser, (9 March).

2001     “Aesthetic Encounters: First International            Conference of Comparative Literature Studies.”              Kuwait University, Kuwait Arab Cultural Capital, March 17-19. 

2000                 “The Individual and Society in the Meditarranean Muslim World”. European Science Foundation & The Supreme Council ofr Culture, Cairo, 25-27 March.


1999     “The Transition into Democracy in Africa.”           CODESERIA, Casablanca: 23-24 November.


1999     “Ernest Hemingway: Centenary.” The Supreme    Council of Culture, Cairo: 29-30 September. (Arabic).


1998                 “The Fifth Symposium on Comparative Literature:Translation.” Department of English Language & Literature, Faculty of Arts, University of Cairo: 15-17 December.


1998     “Britain & the Arabs: Changes & Exchanges.” The           British Council, Cairo: 23 - 25 March.


1998     “The Specificity of the Contemporary Arab Novel.”          The Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo: 22 - 26   February.


1996     “Outsider Art.” The Prospects for Crafts in Egypt.”                      Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo, 11-13 December.             (Arabic).

1996     “Woman’s Portrait: Artist’s Autobiography.” Women                    & Memory Study Group; The New Civic Forum,                                       Cairo: September. (Arabic).

1996     “Fourth International Symposium on Comparative            Literature, Language in Literature,” Department of            English, Faculty of Arts, University of Cairo, 18 -20         December.

1996     “On Miracle Ground IX: The International Lawerence         Durrell Conference,”The International Lawerence  Durrell Society, Alexadria, Egypt: 23 - 27 June.                                                  

1995     “International Conference on Comparative Literature in                             the Arab World,” Centre for Comparative                                        Linguistic and Literary Studies, University of Cairo: 19 -   21 December.

1994     “The Third International Symposium on Comparative                    Literature, History in Literature.”  Department of               English, Faculty of Arts, University of Cairo: 20 - 22        December.

1991     “Al-Andalus Encuentro de tres Mundos: Europa, Mundo Arabe y America”, Egyptian Institute for Islamic              Studies and Instituto de Cooperatcion con el Mundo       Arabe, Sevilla, Spain, 25-30 November.


1.  Authored Books: 

2006 National Culture: International or Global Options (Arabic) Cairo: Merit. ISBN 977-351-330-0. pbk.

2002 Visual and Verbal Cultural Representations. (Arabic) Cairo: Supreme Council for Culture. ISBN 977-305-322-9. pbk.

1997; 2004 A Transcultural Reading of Literature. (Arabic) Cairo: GOCP. ISBN 977-235-776-3. Revised ed. Amman: Azmina Publishing Co. ISBN 995- 709-191-3. pbk.

2.  Recent Translated Books into Arabic:

2006 The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the History of Literary Criticism. Cairo: Supreme Council of Culture, National Project for Translation (Editor, Translator), Glossary.

1998 Ann Sexton’s Love Poems. Cairo: Supreme Council For Culture: (Translator & Editor). ISBN 977-235-982-0. pbk

 Janet Wolfe’s Aesthetic and the Sociology of Art, Cairo: Supreme Council for Culture Publications, National Project for Translation (Editor, Translator) forthcoming.

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