Mrs Penny Brown

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United Kingdom
University of Manchester
French Studies
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Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literary Studies in French Studies, University of Manchester, U.K. I have been Honorary Secretary of the British Comparative Literature Association since the early 1990s.

English, French, Spanish, a little Italian.
Teaching areas: 
French women's writing, European children's literature, fairy tales.
Research areas: 

My research interests, and the areas in which I have published, are European children's literature (notably English and French) and women's writing of the 18th and 19th centuries

I have co-organised the triennial international conferences of the British Comparative Literture Association for many years, and have co-organised BCLA workshop conferences on children's literature and fairy tales.

Most recently,

A Critical History of French Children's Literature, vol 1, 1600-1830 and vol 2 1830-present day (New York and London: Routledge, 2007).

Recent articles:

  'Teaching children's literature as a comparative literary subject in a British University', Signal 99 (September, 2002), pp.189-199.  ’Rehearsing the future: Mme de Maintenon’s proverbes dramatiques for the demoiselles of Saint-Cyr’, Seventeenth-Century French Studies, 26 (2004), pp. 209-218.

 'The different faces of pain in early children's literature', in La Douleur: Beauté ou Laideur, in L’Ull Critique; 9-10  (Lleida: Universitat de Lleida, 2005), pp.117-129.

 'Children of the Revolution: the making of young citizens' Modern and Contemprary France, vol. 14, number 2 (May 2006), pp. 205-220. ‘Improvising virtue: performative morality in Moissy's théâtre d'éducation' , French Studies, vol. LX, number 3 (July 2006). pp. 320-334.