Dr. Slavica Srbinovska

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Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski"; "ss.Cyril and Methodius" University
Department of General and Comparative Literature
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Professor of Theory and Methodology of Literature at the Department of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology „Blaze Koneski”, University “Ss.Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje. Translation of the studies from the field of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature (M.Bal, G.Prince, J..Bessiere, R.Lachmann, M.Riffaterre etc).Main studies: Strolling Spectator in the Novel, Skopje, 2000, Through the Perspective of the Other,  Skopje, 2002,   The Novel: Status, Interpretations, Perspectives, Skopje, 2004, Subject, Literature, Culture, Skopje, 2006, Visual Strategies, Skopje, 2008.

Collaboration in the projects of the field of theory of fiction (including the field of adaptation of the Novel to the Film, Drama and Theatre) and Cultural studies at the University of Amsterdam (TEMPUS project), European Institute of Gender study in Florence (Summer School devoted to the problems of Boundaries and Borders) and Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III / High Educational Support Project).

Also an active participant in many seminars and conferences that are focused on the problems of Comparative studies, Theory and History of Literature and Cultural studies.

Macedonian, English, reading competence in French, limited competence in German, Croatian, Bulgarian, reading competence in Russian.
Teaching areas: 

Theory and Methodology of Literature, Reader Response Criticism/ Literary Hermeneutics, Comparative Literature; Literary Antropology and Cultural Analysis, Intermediality-Litearture and Film Adaptation Studies; Theory of Oral Literature and Popular Culture.

Research areas: 

 Theory and Methodology of Literature, Cultural Analysis, INTERMEDIALITY- Litearture and Film, Semiotics, Reader Response Criticism, Literary Hermeneutics, Cross-cultural Literary Relations, Theory of Oral Literature and Popular Culture, Literary Antropology.


Editor at the Publisher Sigmapress, Skopje.

Member of the Board of the Macedonian Association of Comparative literature.

Chief of the Department of General and Comparative Literature 2007-2009.

President of the Board of the Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, “Ss Cyril and Methodius” University, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.


Member of the Teacher’s Board of the Faculty “Blaze Koneski”.


1998    Ph.D. in Comparative Literature - Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, “Ss.Cyril and Methodius “University, Skopje. Macedonia.  
1993 MA in Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia        
1992-1986 Post-graduate studies in General and Comparative Literature andLiterary Theory, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia 
1981-1985 Graduate studies in General and Comparative Literature, Facultyof Philology ‘Blaze Koneski’, ‘Ss Cyril and Methodius’ University, Skopje.   
2004-2009 Associate professor (Ph.D.), Department of General and ComparativeLiterature: I. Theory and Methodology of Literature; II. Theory of oral literature/Comparative Literature II, III. 
2009 Professor (Ph.D.), Department of General and Comparative Literature: I. Theory and Methodology of Literature(Theory of Fiction; Theory of Reception; Theory of Oral Literature and Popular Culture)II. Theory of Comparative Litearture /Comparative Poetics(Novels and Film adaptations)III. Literary Antropology.                 


       Italy: Summer school organised on the subject: Women and Gender Relations in Europe: The Southern and Eastern Boundaries, where my paper was „Selfreprezentation in the modern world of globalization and the role of the women in it“." Proceeding on the Conference on Women and Gender Relations in Europe: The Southern and Eastern Boundaries, the Summer School was organised by Gender Studies Program within the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies (Florence, Italy, 18-22 June 2001) pp. 15.

      The Netherlands: Tempus Programme, participation in the work and cooperation in the teaching programme with the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). The participation in the work and the cooperation and the exchange of knowledge in the department of Theory of Lterature and Culture is confirmed by prof. Mieke Bal and Dr. Eloe Kingma, manager of the Department of Cultural Analysis (2001).

       France: participation in the work and cooperation in the teaching and scientific  program at the Department of Comparative Literature, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris III), realized in addition to the Project for Revision and Renewal of the Programs for Work in the High Education by the Institute for Open Society, Budapest, HESP Projec, Paris, France: participation in the work and cooperation in the teaching and scientific program at the Department of Comparative Literature, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris III), 2002. (April, May, June)  

           The participation is confirmed with a positive report by Prof. Dr. Jean Bessiere for the cooperation on the teaching and the scientific program. 


              2008. LIVERPOOL HOPE UNIVERSITY – JEAN MOULIN UNIVERSITY, LYON CULTURES IN TRANSIT, Liverpool,- 18th-21st JULY. Transcultural and Diasporic Studies , “Reading the Other by pushing the boundaries of time and space”, www. hope. ac.uk/cultures in transit. Forthcoming 2009, Transtext(e)sTranscultures. 

              2008. “The boundaries and individuality in the texts ’Пасквелија’, by Zivko Cingo”, International Conference of Macedonian Language and Literature - Year of the Macedonian language, August 30- September 1.

              2008. “Discourse of Neighbourhood and Barriers:Dialogue as an Experience of constant Movement in the ‘In-between Culture,” Conference on Living in-between/Being in-between (Coridors of Meaning between binary Oppositions), Girne American University, Cyprus, 25-27 April.

              2008. ”The Narrative and the Narration in the Macedonian Novel and Film in the Context of the European Historiographic Metafiction, XXXV Scientific Symposiym, Ohrid, August 25-26. University “Sts Cyril and Methodius”- Skopje, International Conference for the Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture.         

              2007. ”Hermeneutic Approach to the Concepts of Identity, Power and their Commitment in the Discourse of Contemporary Philosophy,” Performing Identity/Crossing Borders, The Cyprus Symposium, May 3- 6,.(http//research.tru.ca/cicac).

              2006. “The Dialogue of the Civilizations: the Relation between the Japanese Poem ‘tanka’ and the Poems of Tomislav Lazarevski” XXXIII Scientific Symposium on XXXIX International Conference for the Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture, Ohrid, August 28-29. University “Sts Cyril and Methodius”- Skopje, 2007, 205, 212.

              2006. "L'essence mystique de l'Afrique de la poésie de L.S. Senghor",Colloque international Senghor en toute liberté (Macédoine, Skopje, Conférences,     débats), 20 mars.

              2006. „Function of memory in the process of identification (Borders and Double Identities),“ Proceedings of the Sixth European Social Science History Conference Conference, panel on Memory and forgetting after WW II, 22 - 25 March . Co – organizer Benjamin Noys.    

              2006. “The Role of the ‘Curse’ in Macedonian Oral Tradition”, Proceeding of the International Conference Advances in Oral Literature Research,University of Belgrade, 24-26 November.         

              2005. “ ‘The Great Water’ by Zivko CIngo and Ivo Trajkov in the Balkan Cultural Context”, XXXII Scientific Symposium on XXXVII International Conference for the Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture, Ohrid, 15-17. Proceedings of the Conference, Skopje, 2006, 299-317. 

              2005. “The Balkan Point of View on the Concepts ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Power’ in the Discourse of the Contemporary Literature”, International Scientific Workshop The Balkan View on the World, MASA, December 5-6, Skopje, Proceedings of the Conference,  2006, 355-377.   

              2005. “The Value of the Word in the Poetry of Aco Sopov”, The Life and Work of Aco Sopov, Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts, Skopje, 237-255.       

              2005. „Between the sound and silence“, Proceedings of the Conference on Sonic interventions: Pushing the boundries of Cultural Analyses, proceedings of ASCA Conference, Amsterdam, March 29-31, the Netherlands, Co-organizer Joy Smith, Silences/Orality -panel 3, pp. 90-97. 

              2004. “ Identity of the Balkans created through the perspectives of the OTHERS“, Identities and Alterities, ASCA Conference, Proceedings of the Conference / panel / The Politics of Identity, Co – organizer Saskia Lourens, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 24-26 March,  pp.117-123.      

             2004.“The Novels of Slobodan Mickovic in the Macedonian Literature at the End of XX Century”, XXX Scientific Symposium on the XXXVII International Conference for   the Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture, Ohrid 16-17, Skopje, 2005 pp. 293-310.

             2004. “Adaptation of the Macedonian Novel in the Film”, Symposium on 50 Years of the Macedonian novel, Skopje 28/28 November, Institute of Macedonian Literature, Skopje, pp. 133-152.

             2003. „ Reading' the Other as an Identity in Constant  Transformation,“UNESCO Conference on Intercultural Education, Identity and Intercultural Experience, Co – organizer Rogers, Christopher 15-18 June, Jyvaskyla, Finland. 

             2003.“Contemporary Reflexions for the Part of the Voice and the Silence in the Poetry of Aco Sopov, XXXVI Scientific Conference August 11-13, Ohrid. Proceedings of the Papers on the Conference, Skopje, 2004, 513-532.

             2002. „The Space of Differences: Constructing Images through Multicultural Dialogue“, Proceedings of the Conference on Rethinking Culture and Literature: Transnational and Comparative Spaces, the Department of Literary and Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Latvia, November 1-3, UDK 82.0:821+398+7(082) Li 848/ ISSN 1407 – 2157/ISBN 9984 – 770 -53 – 2, Latvijas Universitāte, 2004, 129-137.

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            1999.”Julio Cortasar: Practise of the Style as an Example of a Certain Henry James’s…, paper on the Macedonian Association for Comparative Literature devoted to the anniversary of the birth of J.Cortasar.” December 17, Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski,” Skopje.

            1996.”The Myth of the Mediterranean Culture in the Novel Деветте Керубинови векови by Slavko Janevski”, a Paper on the International Conference of The Macedonian Culture and Literature in the Context of the Mediterranean Cultural Sphere, Skopje, October ,Macedonian Academy of Science and Art (MASA), Proceedings of the Conference, January 1999, Skopje, pp.205-218.

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      Recent Translated Books into  Macedonian:
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      Participation in the Projects of
        Research in the field of Theory of Comparative Literature:
       Theory and Iterpretation of the Novel (1998-2000)            
       Theory and Methodology of the Intertextuality (2001-2002)
       Imaginary Women:Con/textualisation of the ‘Feminine’ in Macedonian Oral Literature.2000.             
       Strategies of the Gender/Feminine studies in South-East Eaurope: Macedonian Case. December 4-5, 2000.
       Balkan Image of the World, Macedonian Academy of Science and Art, Skopje, 2006.         
       Dictionary of Theory of Literature, Macedonian Academy of Science and Art, Skopje, 2004-2006.       
       Between the Fiction and the Reality, Skopje, 2006.               
       Antology of the Short Stories ‘Пасквелија’ by Zivko Cingo, ed. and preface by Slavica Srbinovska, Skopje, 2008.